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About Us

Hi there!


This is Sumru, the founder of Mint and Grey :)


I moved to Calgary, Canada with my family in August 2018.


As we began exploring the province, we fell in love with Alberta’s stunning nature, especially her lakes and mountains where you could witness the combination of mint and grey colour shades throughout every season which eventually inspired the brand name!


People of this beautiful place either singular or as families with children are always active; going camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing, ice skating, swimming, running and surely the list goes on...

Children are always outdoors playing no matter the weather.

Oh yes, even when it is below -30C° outside :)


Mobility, adaptability, light and clever packing is the key.


However, there were only 2 options in the market for one of the

most essential items:


1- Heavy and bulky terry bath towels.

2- Light and absorbent microfiber gym towels.



Terry towels are not practical to be carried around.

Microfiber towels are made of synthetic materials.


There was no other option in between, and the market was extremely

missing out the flat-woven Turkish towels made of 100% natural materials!

This is how I felt the urge to develop my own brand and offer this

multi-purpose, versatile must-have everyday item for self-caring,

active living, environmentally conscious people.

And so Mint and Grey is launched in July 2021.

Thank you for reading this far and supporting my business.



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