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Perks of a Turkish towel

Turkish towels are made of 100% natural materials.

They’re super quick-dry due to their flat-woven nature which translates to; they don’t have the time to trap moisture, grow bacteria and stink.

Microfibers towels are synthetic and the microplastics they’re leaving in the water every time you wash them are an environmental issue.

Terry towels have natural material options however they’re always soggy, smelly, bulky and well, you cannot bring them anywhere with you.

Turkish towels are lightweight so if you’re going on a camping trip, a big family trip or, even at home organizing your linen cabinet, they’ll save you space and the clutter.

You can wash clean more of Turkish towels than terry towels in one load.

They’re very gentle to the skin. If you have eczema, acne prone skin then you want to make sure not to rub the bacteria nesting fuzz of the terry towel back on your face or body.

Kids love splash fun and are always in a rush to get back in for another round! Hang your Turkish towel on a branch of a tree under the sun - Ta dah! It’s dry and ready for the little rascals in minutes.

Turkish towels are versatile! You can use them as:

- Bath - beach - gym towel,

- Beach cover up,

- Picnic blanket,

- Baby blanket,

- Spa - sauna wrap,

- Hair wrap after shower,

- Scarf - shawl,

- Throw,

- Even as a tablecloth! 😊

So, if you have one with you then you’re covered for good ✌️

Turkish towels will help you towards a more minimalistic, environmentally friendly, conscious life.

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