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Top Reasons Why You Need A Turkish Towel

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

1. Turkish Towels Weigh Almost Nothing

Unlike heavy and fuzzy terry towels, these flat-woven towels made from Turkish cotton remain thin and lightweight due to their made of material characteristics.

Therefore, packing for a trip becomes more comfortable since these towels fold perfectly and won't take much space in your luggage or travelling bag so that you don't have to worry about the extra weight your towel will add to the load.

It's undeniably a must-have.

2. Turkish Towels are Soft

Turkish towels may not seem delicate from afar, but the long-fiber cotton means there are fewer joins in the weave, translating to a towel that's gentle and conformable on the skin.

3. Short Drying Time

Terry towels tend to retain moisture for a long time that is rendering them unusable temporarily which also can lead to bacteria growth, that is detrimental to your health.

Turkish towels are the reverse of this problem as they dry far quicker than terry towels. Therefore, you can be assured that your towel will not attract pathogens due to the moist breeding ground.

4. Super Absorbent Material

Another exciting feature of this impressive flat-woven towel is its ability to absorb moisture effectively. Cotton loves water and water allows the cotton fibers to bloom which will also condition your towel to reach its maximum absorbency. Couple this fact with the soft nature and short drying time, and you have a towel that is simply irreplaceable with any other.

5. The Quality Improves with Time

Upon buying your Turkish towel, it feels soft and conformable on the skin; however, unlike the terry towels, this material never hardens or roughens; instead, it becomes softer and more comfortable as you keep the wash-use-wash-hang dry cycle going.

The longer you use this product, the better the quality as it never diminishes in value with time; therefore, it's an investment that's definitely worth your while.


Ultimately, one can conclude that a Turkish towel is a must-have everyday item that fits perfectly in a bag, dries quickly, gets better with time, and presents many other environmental benefits. Consider purchasing one and enjoy the tenderness on your skin.

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